Alison Cowie, Proprietor

Alison Cowie


My name is Alison Cowie, owner of The Old Tram-House 4* Bed & Breakfast in Stirling, Scotland.

The mobile site has just been enhanced and I am delighted with the result. Go here to take a look for yourself.

I am pretty keen on cycling. Good exercise and good company. Any guest interested in cycling should speak to me about hiring a bike. I can help with interesting routes. Click here to go to the Stirling “rent a bike” page.

There’s already a good page at my site listing much of what’s going on in Stirling and roundabout as part of Homecoming Scotland 2014 here

Here’s another even more detailed page which includes absolutely everything that’s happening in the Stirling area. Please bear in mind it’s in alphabetical rather than date order. So it helps if you know what you’re looking for.

All for today.  Speak to you again soon.

Alison Cowie

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